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Today I think people live two different lifestyles, one that is revolved around personal relationships, and another that is revolved around internet relationships.

I have always been the type of person who enjoys having a face-to-face conversation with someone, but I feel as though texting, and social media has taken over.  What baffles me is in the past you have always had to be good with people to get a job, now if you can work a twitter account/other social media platforms you are golden.  Time are changing, currently I belong to probably 20 different social media sites to help me prepare for life after  college…so I understand the ins and outs of all of the social media opportunities that are out there.

I am so wrapped up in trying to keep up with my 20+ social media sites that I feel like I am losing a great skill in life.  I am constantly hiding behind a computer screen uploading this or that or trying to figure out how to get my RSS feed actually working. I constantly have my tablet in my lap trying to figure out what to post just to keep up with my 20+ social media sites.  Yesterday I threw in the towel.

It was a gorgeous day outside and I simply decided I would spend it social media free.  I went pumpkin picking with my roommate and her boyfriend, went shopping at a local farmers market, had face-to-face interactions with strangers (which were lovely conversations) and went on a spontaneous fishing trip.  What am I getting at? I did not think “oh I should post this to my social media site”…or “oh would this be a good video to upload” (I will say I gave in at the end and uploaded an instagram picture simply because the sunset was too pretty not too)

What I am getting at is the simplicity of life is lost now.  Have you ever heard the saying “enjoy the little things in life” well I believe that saying is around because people forget.  They get so wrapped up in their day to day tasks that they forget to watch the beautiful sunset, or they forget to say hi to a neighbor, or they forget that we are humans-not computers.  There is so much to life outside of this computer screen, and while I realize social media is important and a huge asset, I just ask that people remember the little things when they are trying to keep up with their 20+ social media sites.


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Since I cannot get my Flickr RSS feed working, below is the link to my site, check it out!


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The following link is to my infograph on my slideshare, check it out!

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Below is a link to our popplet app to show how we are working with UNA 

First Day

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“First Days” of anything are always exciting in my opinion. When I was growing up I used to love the first day of school, and don’t even get me started about the first day of fall, or the first day snow fell in the winter. Then there were sports, the first day of the season was always a great day. On the first day of something I feel as though people have extra energy, they are excited for what lies ahead, but the problem is keeping that energy throughout the journey.
Going back to the school example, during the first week of school I am on top of everything, I do all of my assignments well ahead of their due dates, and I even dress up for class. However, as the school year goes on that energy fades, I start waking up later and doing my assignments the night they are due. If I maintained the energy that I have the first week I probably would have had straight a’s throughout my education career.
Anyway, today is my first day of my “real job”. I was hired as the Public Relations consultant at United Needs and Abilities, it is a local non-profit organization that works with people who are affected by mental disabilities on the Eastern Shore. I was so excited to start and I was filled with that “First Day Energy” I was talking about earlier. I realized when I was organizing my office, that if you are doing the job that is right for you that “First Day Energy” will never go away. Sure there will be days when you are tired, and not 100% there, but 95% of the time you are going to be happy to go to work, and happy to accomplish tasks. I can’t wait for where this job is going to take me, I have so many new ideas, and I hope to be successful! I definitely do not see the “First Day Energy” fading anytime soon!

Rainy Days

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I have a love hate relationship with rainy days.  In the summer I hate them, mostly because I work with kids.  You try telling 70+ kids that they can’t go outside all day, and THEN try dealing with their stir-craziness inside all day, its enough to make you, or at least me, drink three cups of coffee in one day.

However, here is a list of times I love rainy days:

  • Long Car Rides
  • Lazy Days
  • Nights I Can’t Sleep

Long Car Rides:

As long as I am not the one driving, I love rainy car rides, I think it gives you a great chance to listen to relaxing music (Mumford and Sons is my go to rainy day Pandora station).  In addition, I think it allows you to g et all of your thoughts together.  A lot of the time on a rainy day I get all of my heavy duty thinking done.  I think about what I want to do with my life, how I am gonig to get there, and then I get motivated.

Lazy Days

What is better than curling up on the couch and watching Netflix all day?  In my opinion nothing.  Granted you have to be in the mood to not be productive all day long, but if you can afford a day to lose then you’ll agree, these days are the bees knees. I usually curl up on my futon with my favorite blanket with a nice cup of hot tea, and when I get tired of Netflix, I move on to a leisure book.

Nights I can’t Sleep

People always talk about how soothing the sound of rain is when you are trying to sleep. I could not agree more.  When I can’t sleep due to overthinking, stressing out, and other reasons I like to just lay there and listen to the rain.  After a while it calms me down to the point where I can finally sleep.


It’s also perfect cuddling weather, and that’s where my dog comes in handy.

Bus Rides

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This past weekend the Salisbury football team traveled to Utica, NY, which means a cummulative of roundabout 15 hours on a bus.  The way I look at it, you can use this time wisely, or sleep.

Since I have been working with the team for so long, I have seniority and get my own seat on the bus…thank goodness. I am not a very good traveler when I have to sit next to someone, I need space or else I feel claustrophobic.  I can’t really sleep comfortably on the bus, so I usually spend my time doing homework.  It’s also nice because during the first couple of hours of the trip I would say 95% of the bus is passed out, essentially making it silent.  

Therefore, during these hours I usually knock out my reading assignments and take notes.  Then as  the bus slowly starts to wake up I move onto work that I can do with my iPod in, which usually consists of finishing a paper, or shaping up my resume or cover letter. 

Then in the last hour of the bus when everyone is awake, I take a nap.

Everyone makes fun of me for liking away trips so much, but I think they are a great opportunity to get all of the nitty gritty work done.  I also think its a good time to clear your head, and trust me long bus rides either do that or the complete opposite.  Sometimes I start to overthink things, but most of the time I just relax and finish everything that needs to be done.